BREAKING NEWS! ... Check out the latest from Lake Wylie Pilot - great article! LAKE WYLIE PILOT May 25, 2010

Lake Wylie Music Fest is a dream, a concept, a crazy idea that just might work. It's an initial grassroots attempt at "scratching an itch" for artsy-hungry river rats on the Waters of Wylie. And out of this yearning comes the first expression of LWMF, the Sunset Celebrations of the Summer of 2010!....

Once-a-month Sunset Celebrations will be held the second Saturday evenings in June, July, and August featuring an eclectic blend of Carolina musicians, funky and fun festival-style performance artists, and music-oriented movies.  These free community events will all be presented in a laid-back style from a private boat dock to an audience of anchored boats in a water-based "floating festival" atmosphere. 

So, anchor your boat out for the evening and enjoy a festive atmosphere of music and creative energies to inspire your adult playtime at "the river!"


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